Diamond Grading

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Diamond Grading

Buying a diamond is an important decision. The diamond holds some special meaning or marks an occasion in our lives. So, it’s critical to know all about the diamond you are buying and how it is graded or evaluated.

Diamond grading is the evaluation of various aspects of an individual diamond. Grading determines how a particular diamond scores on the 4Cs of Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat. There are additional ratings and measurements noted on a diamond certificate, but they generally fall under the diamond’s grade in one of the Four Cs. Grading is undertaken by independent gem labs such as the GIA or AGS. Their grading and standards are recognized and accepted worldwide.

The GIA in particular is considered to set the standards for the industry.

Great care is taken to authenticity of the grading process. Diamonds do not bear any identification mark of their source, they are distributed randomly to highly trained graders at each step of the grading process, to ensure objectivity and integrity. Graders then grade the stone using gemology instruments including microscopes, a jeweller’s loupe and other industry tools.

Do remember that graders certify diamonds using powerful tools, most of the grading differences cannot be made out by the untrained eye!