Diamond Shape

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Diamond Shape

The shape of a diamond is its geometrical appearance, which includes proportions, finish and symmetry. Shape along with cut defines the unique characteristics of a diamond.

The following are popular shapes of diamonds:

Round Brilliant:

One of the most popular shapes, a round brilliant-cut diamond has 58 facets, which are divided among the crown, girdle and pavilion. A round-cut diamond is very versatile and can accommodate changes in cut, colour and clarity, while retaining its fire and brilliance.

Princess Cut:

A princess-cut diamond is square shaped with pointed corners. Usually, the corner is embellished with triangular stones. Princess-cut diamonds vary considerably in being square or rectangular.

Emerald Cut:

In emerald-cut diamonds, the pavilion is cut with rectangular facets for a unique optical appearance. This cut clearly shows the clarity of the diamond owing to the large open table.

Asscher Cut:

A slight variation of the emerald-cut diamond is the Asscher cut, which is also known as the ‘Modified Square Emerald cut’. This cut comprises of a small rectangular table, high crown, deep pavilion, and cut corners. In terms of sparkle, this cut ranks alongside the round brilliant-cut diamond.

Marquise Cut:

A marquise-cut diamond is elongated in shape and is named after the Marquise de Pompadour. This diamond looks beautiful when used as a solitaire on a ring and makes the finger look slender

Oval Cut:

An oval-cut diamond has brilliance similar to a round-cut diamond. It resembles a marquise-cut diamond but with curved edges.

Radiant Cut:

A radiant-cut diamond is a popular choice for jewellery since it has trimmed corners. It can either be a square or rectangular in shape with 70 facets, which can deliver the brilliance similar to a round-cut diamond.

Pear Cut:

A sparkling teardrop, a pear–cut diamond has a single point and rounded end. It is a combination of an oval and marquise cut. While choosing pear-cut diamonds, look for a length-to-width ratio between 1.45 and 1.75.

Heart Cut:

A pear-cut diamond with a cleft at the top forms the heart-cut diamond. A typical heart with 59-facet symmetry has high degree of fire and brilliance, which makes it sparkle brilliantly.

Cushion Cut:

Cushion-cut diamonds, also called pillow-cut or candlelight diamonds, have rounded corners and larger facets to improve the brilliance. In this cut, the diamond’s clarity is well highlighted owing to its larger facets.